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Aiden is a 5th grader at Florence Elementary. He enjoys Legos, video games, creating his own figurines, being a big brother, and playing with his dog! Each week Aiden brightens my day on the keys!!!

Aiden L.

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Maegan loves to cheer, dance, act and sing. She is a member of her church where she participates in the Youth Choir, Sunday School and as a Nursery/Day Care Helper. Maegan was a member of her elementary honor choir, selected as captain of the her cheer squad and was a competitive cheerleader with Premier Tumble Cheer. Maegan has an "A" average, is in the Robotics Club and was recently inducted into the Penny Tumminello chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society. Maegan is an incoming 5th grader, where she was recently elected as the incoming class secretary. With a beautiful voice, Maegan has expanded her vocal range this summer. She is an excellent vocal student with Mrs. B. On the Keys!!!

Maegan B.

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Addasen is 10 years old. She loves to play softball, read anime(The Last Airbender is her favorite), and she she is an artist and writes stories. When she isn’t practicing piano or at the park with her softball team she loves to spend time with her cousins and close friends. You can find her riding a bike, cuddled up reading a book, or drawing new characters for her books. When she grows up she wants to be an author and artist or maybe a doctor because she loves science also

Addy N.

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